TAJ OVERSEAS was founded in 2016 located at Moradabad (U.P.) Northern part of INDIA. It was founded by Mr. Hamza Nusrat & Mr. Ovais Ahmad by interest to expand business globally. We are dealing in Handicrafts, Metal Products, Glass,Wooden,Ceramic & Stone & Home Decorative items. In the starting phase of a company doing export on a small scale to provide quality products, cost effectively on timely delivery with complete client satisfaction. After that we expanded our business on a large scale to provide better quality products by helping work to daily basis workers work on handicrafts & handmade products.

Mr. HAMZA NUSRAT our present CEO of the company Taj Overseas holds a graduate degree in International Business and  Masters in Import and Export management from Symbiosis, Pune.
Other than this, he is also an active member of WORK Charitable Trust under which he has been running Old Age Home very well.

Mr. OVAIS AHMAD our Director of Sales & Marketing holds a graduate degree in International Business  and  Masters in Marketing management.He also consult companies  on digital marketing, digital ads & digital tools.